Brandi review 1

Author:Paul C
Ladies name:Brandi
Date of Visit:02/02/2020
Time of Visit:13:00
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Her look:
Comments on her appearance:
General comments:Brandi - Gorgeous, sexy and enchanting. Of course, the emotions you evoked in me are far more than these 3 simple words. I walked into the flat in trepidation as she is an ex porn-star. For all gents who book her, book her with ease of mind. She is so grounded and approachable, it beggars belief. Her personality shines as brightly as her womanhood as she will draw you into her sexy world with easy conversation and her bewitching physique. You will find yourself in heaven for that short period but you will have the everlasting memories. Be warned - Letting go of her on your way out, would be impossibly hard. Barndi by name, Brandy by nature: Intoxicating. Till next time, you astonishingly beautiful babe!! xxx