Ava review 4

Author:Paul C
Ladies name:Ava
Date of Visit:06/04/2016
Time of Visit:14.30
Duration of Visit:90 mins
Her look:Better than pictures
Comments on her appearance:Really lovely looking lady.
General comments:This was the first time I'd seen Ava and it was by virtue of a recommendation from another lady I saw a while ago. I'm so glad I followed it up. Quite an attractive looking lady but that is merely the tip of the iceberg. She has a really lovely personality. Great to talk with which is always a good start and as time went by it hit me just what a great time I was having with her. I found she had a real warmth about her that kind of crept up on me. Then came the first kiss on the sofa and by the time she led me to the bedroom I was completely hooked. A very curvaceous woman who I couldn't get enough of. She also paid me some compliments which as much as I appreciated left me in no doubt that she was having as much fun as I was. Her touch sent a shiver through me that I've not experienced with many women. God this woman knew how to please me. Seeing her again is a total no brainer and I intend to do this as soon as is possible. So although she is no longer here and probably will never see this I want to say thank you to Felicity as it was her recommendation. But special thanks to Ava for giving me an afternoon I'll never forget. Docter I need some more of your treatment. That's a private joke. So until next time Ava and there will be a next time. Don't forget me cos' I certainly won't forget you my angel.
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